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john phillips


dr. phillips has a wealth of experience in the field of international education, having spent much of his career at the international school of geneva, birthplace of the international baccalaureate diploma programme. he served in a variety of roles, including head of boarding, head of humanities, universities guidance counsellor and ib coordinator. however, he has always maintained a strong classroom presence thanks to his passion for economics, which he taught to the senior year groups. he has also delivered professional development workshops to aspiring and experienced teachers in europe, the middle east and asia.

after studying for a ba in economics at the university of manchester, he decided to continue his studies there by taking the post-graduate certificate of education, thus launching his teaching career. much later, he temporarily returned to the opposite side of the classroom, enrolling at the university of bath for an ma in education, immediately followed by studies for a doctorate in education awarded in 2007.

dr. phillips has always been actively involved with sport, both as a player and coach. as one sport has waned, so another has taken over and he is currently a member of the montreux tennis club, not far from surval.

finally, having given many students guidance with their university applications, he is keen to continue helping surval students find appropriate pathways into the next stage of their education.

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